Square CTF 2018 C5: de-anonymization


In the .jar file they provided 5 .csv files.

And the online system they described is like this:

Let’s try reset password!

From 1.csv we just searched for the word “captain” and find the email. Note that it starts by “e” letter.

From 2.csv we got the State: Florida.

From 3.csv

From 4.csv, using the income code we extract the street: 4 Magdeline.

From 5.csv

But the email address is eyakubovics9t@… starts by “e”, so the name should be Elyssa.

So far we have:

And from 3.csv, using state and street we already have, I pick the ssn last four digits:   4484

So the data are:

After “Reset Password” button is pressed, this is what we see:

Now we’ll try some password. As described in the link they provided, we should use a new password with a capital letter. Let’s start with Captain street as new Password: Magdeline.

After the submission, in the address bar we have:


The flag is:



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