Codefest CTF 2018: Typing Master


If you think you have it in you, connect now to 9093 and prove your mettle.
You will be presented with a simple typing task which is meant to check your typing speed.
For example, Can you type ‘Z’ 10 times followed by ‘u’ 6 times, followed by the sum of their ASCII values?


I just wrote a simple Python program to solve this challenge:

from pwn import *
import re
context.log_level = 'critical'
host = ''
port = 9093
s = remote(host, port)
prompt = s.recv()
# print prompt
found = re.findall(r"'(\w)' (\d*)", prompt)
string = []
string.append(found[0][0] * int(found[0][1]))
string.append(found[1][0] * int(found[1][1]))
string.append(str(ord(found[0][0]) +  ord(found[1][0])))
answer = ''.join(string)
print s.recv().split()[-1]

And the flag is:



Inserisci i tuoi dati qui sotto o clicca su un'icona per effettuare l'accesso:

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